Technology park

Terminal Zduńska Wola

The place of business of the company LS POLAND was chosen due to its location in the center of the country. The proximity of Łódź and several cities of the province makes Zduńska Wola a very good place to run a business involving coal trading and all services related to coal.

For our customers at the terminal in Zduńska Wola we have at our disposal

  • 2 enttry gates,
  • 1 car weight 60 Mg,
  • railway siding with railway weight,
  • over 20 000m2 paved, monitored storage yard
  • possibility of storing 50 000 tons of coal,
  • two production halls with a total area of 689 m2,
  • 2 modern lines for coal packing and palletizing it.
  • 4 chargers,
  • 2 screens,
  • 1 roller crusher,
  • conveyor belts,
  • possibility of trans-shipment in option, carriage – square, carriage – carriage, carriage – car, square – carriage, square – car.

The processing capacity is about 25,000 thousand tonnes / month, counting from unloading of wagons, through sorting, packing (bagging 100 tons / day), until the release of carbon to our customers.

The location of the Terminal in Zduńska Wola provides not only convenient railway communication (the intersection of the main north-south and east-west lines) but also car (road 12/14 and the S8 route).