Technology park

Terminal of Sławków

The main terminal from which we sell is the terminal in Sławków, which is located on the westernmost section of the broad-gauge line (1520mm) so-called. LHS, so that the train loaded with coal in the mine after traveling 5,500 km and after 8 to 12 days of journey is unloaded at the terminal in Sławków without additional intermediate reloading, with such organized logistics we increase the reliability of its deliveries, shorten the transport time and minimize the process of coal degradation.


For our customers at the Terminal in Sławków we have at our disposal:

  • 2 entry gates,
  • 4 truck scales, two checkweighers,
  • dynamic railway weight,
  • access to tracks (1520mm) and (1435mm),
  • 4 monitored storage yards with a total area of ​​120,000 m2,
  • the possibility of storing 150,000 tons of coal,
  • 9 loaders equipped with scales (Liebherr, Volvo),
  • 6 screens (Powerscreen, Sandvick, Maximus),
  • “Maximus” crusher,
  • conveyor belts,
  • possibility of transshipment in the option: wagon – square, wagon – wagon, wagon – car, square – wagon, square – car.

The processing capacity is about 15,000 thousand tonnes / day, starting from the unloading of wagons, through sorting, to the release of coal to our customers.

The location of the terminal in Sławków provides not only convenient rail and car communication, as in a dozen or so minutes we can reach such roads as DK 94, DK 1, A4 motorway or A1 motorway.